Using Facebook Marketplace to Sell Goods Across Devices

Facebook Marketplace is an online marketplace where internet users can order, buy and trade things with others in their own personal network. Facebook now has almost two hundred and fifty million active users, and the company aims to keep that number growing. This type of internet shopping hasn’t really caught on elsewhere on the internet, but it’s fast catching on in Facebook’s niche. Since its introduction, many webmasters have used it to drive large amounts of traffic to their websites, and it has now become something of a Facebook staple.

Facebook Marketplace

If you’re currently using Facebook Marketplace to promote your products, you probably know that it offers many features that make it appealing to buyers and sellers. It’s free, safe from spam, and has user-friendly interfaces. These are all attractive features for any website, and in the online marketplace you’ll find sellers and buyers that have similar needs. Many sellers list items for sale in this marketplace as a way of getting exposure to potential customers, but some use it as a method for marketing their actual products. Both buyers and sellers benefit from being able to communicate with one another through this platform. So what should you be focusing on if you’re already taking advantage of Facebook Marketplace?

The first thing you can do is focus on increasing your presence. Facebook Marketplace has a huge amount of people browsing the site at any given moment and having an active profile in this application means that you’ll always be visible to them. You can also easily follow up with these users to drive up sales, and since the app isn’t limited to selling only on Facebook, you can also reach out to those outside the Facebook boundaries. In fact, the app boasts over 450 million people that are active users!

Once you’ve gotten your Facebook Marketplace business up and running, the next thing you need to do is focus on building your brand. You can easily do this by creating a Facebook business page, which is like a storefront for your products and services. This page is completely free and gives you the ability to promote your products and services to everyone on Facebook, as well as providing useful information about how to use the app. Just be sure to keep your business page updated with fresh content by adding new products or re-posting your old offers to keep visitors interested.

Next, make the most of Facebook’s Marketplace by joining the Sell Pages program. By promoting your business pages on Facebook, you can draw in buyers and sellers alike, even when you’re not using the Facebook Marketplace. The Marketplace is full of competition for sellers, so by joining the Sell Pages program, you can set yourself apart from the rest. Plus, you’ll have access to millions of buyers and sellers looking to make their next buying or selling experience flawless.

While you’re on Facebook, start posting links to your products and services on your blog and Twitter accounts. The Facebook Marketplace allows you to search directly through your profile, so adding links to your blog posts and tweets will bring people to the app. If you have an active userbase, this search bar should start showing up automatically. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your company’s Facebook webpage as well as its main website. Just be sure to make each link active so that your followers will continue to see them.

Finally, consider trying out the Facebook Marketplace for yourself. Facebook users are always searching for new ways to purchase and share items, so the Marketplace is an ideal place to put your wares. In addition to the Desktop version, the mobile version can also be used to sell items, but the desktop version remains the best way to reach all of your potential buyers. You can browse the top selling items right on the Facebook Marketplace and then place your order directly through the app.

If you’re interested in using the Facebook Marketplace to sell goods, you’ve come to the right place. This revolutionary new platform is changing the way people interact with one another, while dramatically improving the way that buyers and sellers interact with one another. The Marketplace offers a fun, engaging way to find and buy great products. By using the Facebook Marketplace, you can reach a worldwide audience without ever leaving home. To learn more about the Facebook Marketplace, check out the Facebook Apps Marketplace blog.