Advantages of Facebook Marketplace For E-Commerce

Facebook Marketplace is an effective web shopping center for small businesses, giving them an easy way of connecting with potential customers. In short, it is an ideal tool for brands that wish to sell their goods to more specific target audiences. This unique platform is the brainchild of high-energy marketers who understand the need of their audience and work towards putting their goods in front of as many eyes as possible. Facebook, however, sees this trend differently. Unlike other networks, Facebook Marketplace is meant to provide an easier gateway to large volumes of potential buyers. For marketers, this translates into more business.

Facebook Marketplace

Marketers can use Facebook Marketplace for selling their existing products, or look to the future to take advantage of new products. With over 300 million active users, it is one of the biggest online communities. Connecting directly with consumers through the social network encourages marketers to connect with potential buyers in their areas by providing information about their product and services.

Unlike eBay or other auction sites, Facebook Marketplace is focused on selling items. Users can browse through an expansive inventory from the comfort of their homes and make a purchase, or “shop” their item through a virtual catalogue. To do this, marketers will have to create an account with Facebook and access the Marketplace.

Ads can be created through Facebook Marketplace that targets a specific demographic, giving marketers a way to reach people who are already interested in a brand or product. A custom audience can be defined through a number of factors, including demographics gleaned from age, gender, location, and interests. Using a custom audience also allows advertisers to test demographics with different ad types, such as text ads, image ads, and video ads.

Marketers can also choose which types of ads they want to run through Facebook Marketplace, and can create custom advertisements using a template or a plugin for WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. Facebook Marketplace ads are split up into categories, which allow marketers to more effectively target their ads. The key to optimizing an ad campaign in Facebook Marketplace is to use the right ad formats, as well as the right type of content to optimize the ads. The right format is important because it enables Facebook to properly recognize the ads and to track and deliver relevant ads to a user’s feed.

Marketers can create a Facebook Marketplace store that lists their products as well as allowing them to display ads related to their store and to their website. Once a user creates a store, they can display any number of their customized ads and their product looks like description of the product description. Customized ads in Facebook Marketplace help marketers to advertise for free, as users can browse through a wide variety of ads without having to pay. A marketer can also build a reputation through Facebook Marketplace, as other users can comment or add friends to a store. This allows users to see if a seller has a real business presence online, as opposed to a virtual storefront on Facebook.

As with any other form of marketing on Facebook, a marketer can build a wide variety of demographics using Facebook Marketplace. A marketer can target teens, seniors, men vs. women, frequent buyers and sellers, and college students. Facebook Marketplace allows a marketer to list products based on a user’s friend’s input, which means that a marketer can target individuals based on their age, gender, ethnicity, religion, education, employment status, and many other factors. In addition to targeting demographics, a marketer can also list products by geographic region. Facebook Marketplace allows a marketer to list products that are specific to a city, region, state or country, making it easy for a business to target potential customers by location.

The second major advantage of Facebook Marketplace is that it supports e-commerce, which allows a marketer to sell both physical and digital products in a secure online environment. Facebook Marketplace supports secure payment methods, such as PayPal, WorldPay and Citibank, making it easy for a business to accept credit card payments. For sellers on Facebook who have existing online merchant accounts, listing an item for sale on Facebook Marketplace will not only allow them to expand their customer base, but will also allow them to accept payments from new customers, which increases the chances of making more sales.